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With the launch of the European Green Deal, the European Commission set out to achieve the target of carbon neutrality by 2050. This will have a significant impact on various sectors, notably, transport which currently represents almost a quarter of EU CO2 emissions. It is no surprise that the European e-mobility industry will have to play a major role in decarbonizing transportation in order to support these overarching ambitions. In fact, the European Commission expects such a high uptake of electrified transport in the years to come, that they predicted we will need one million EV charging points to match the foreseen thirteen million electric cars they believe will be on the road by 2025. In this context, The AVERE E-Mobility Conference AEC2020 will bring together stakeholders from across the European e-mobility sector including consumers, policymakers and leading industry representatives to discuss how and why it is essential to make zero-emission mobility mainstream by 2025.

About Company

AVERE (The European Association for Electromobility) is the European association that promotes electromobility and sustainable transport across Europe.